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Technical Difficulties

October 2, 2016|0 Comments

Hi folks!

This season at Rho Pi has been one of experimentation with new software and production. Unfortunately, with this also comes technical difficulties in addition to learning curves.

Because of this, we’ve experienced a lot more issues than usual but there are still a few episodes recorded that will be released. Afterwards, we are planning a small hiatus.

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Rho Pi Gamma is a gaming podcast started by Byron Clark in an effort to help his fellow gaming brethren by spreading tips, tricks, and tools of the trade that he has gathered in his time in the world of table-top gaming.

He hopes that he can help make other gamers’ experiences with their favored past-time greater, fuller, and of course more enjoyable for both players and gamemasters around the world.

The Hosts


Byron is a native Northern Virginian, currently residing in southwestern Pennsylvania, and a true gamer, heart and soul. He’s been gaming and GMing for over 14 years. He was first introduced to gaming by the great classics on the NES and SNES and by his older brother Joe, a veteran AD&D player and DM. But it wasn’t until his oldest and best friend, Cyrus, introduced him to the Star Wars RPG (WEG d6 version) that he had found his calling. Within a year of learning the game, Byron had started working on his own campaign framework and, from there, started running his own games.

From those fateful days around the dining room table and family room floor, Byron has guided dozens into the fold of gaming and also versed himself in dozens of gaming systems and setting. Though his favored is his beloved D6 System of West End Games, he is experienced in Wizards d20 System for both D&D 3.5 and Star Wars d20 & Saga Edition, Guardians of Order’s Tri Stat system for Big Eyes-Small Mouth, and Last Unicorn’s Icon System for the Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.

He’s also dabbled in games/systems such as White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Mage: The Ascension, GURPS, the Serenity RPG, the Lord of the Rings RPG, and the new Anima RPG and is looking to expand on these further.

Byron’s Blog

Welcome to RhoPi 2016!

August 14, 2016|0 Comments

Barring any technical difficulties, more will be posted at a later time. Thank you for your patience.

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Howard is a native of Georgia, currently residing in Madison. He has been gaming for 19 years, and GMing for almost that long. When not gaming he works construction, writes for the industry, and fires Civil War artillery…

He was first introduced to gaming by none other than Byron (Host) in 1997 while they both attended military school at RMA in Virginia. His first game was Star Wars d6 by West End Games (WEG), though, his first character sheet was Palladium’s RIFTS. Sadly, he never played his RIFTS character (still hasn’t). But, Star Wars he played regularly for nearly a decade. And after that, AD&A, Pathfinder, Legends of the Five Rings, Deadlands, Shaintar, and many others!

From such humble beginnings, Howard has worked hard to enter the gaming industry. Over the years he has staffed numerous cons (AUSA, MomoCon, GenCon, and DragonCon to name a few) and volunteered for various gaming companies (AEG, EvilBeagleGames, and Savage Mojo). Currently, he works and writes for Savage Mojo. As always, he continues to run and play RPGs with friends and family.

Check out: EvilBeagleGames, Alderac Entertainment Group, Savage Mojo, Shaintar, and his Home Game

Howard’s Blog

Stay tuned

August 14, 2016|0 Comments

More to come as soon as we have a moment.

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